Updating working copy URL

If your repository (server) address changes, your working copy will need to be updated. Versions doesn't have support for the svn relocate command. You will need to use the svn command line to update the working copy with the new server info, then recreate the Repository Bookmark.

If you are using Subversion 1.7+:

  1. Delete your server's Repository Bookmark from Versions. When prompted, choose "Keep Folder" to preserve your working copy in it's current location.
  2. Open Terminal and switch to your working copy's root directory.
  3. Run the following command:

    svn relocate https://new/repository/url

    You can confirm your working copy is using the new URL with this command:

    svn info

  4. In Versions, re-add your working copy by clicking "Bookmarks > New Working Copy Bookmark".

  5. Click the folder button to choose your working copy path then click "Create".

Your Repository bookmark will be automatically created using the new URL information in your working copy.

You can find out more about the svn relocate command by either typing svn help relocate on the command line, or viewing the online documentation:


If you are using Subversion 1.6 or earlier, you will need to use svn switch --relocate instead. Details for this command are available either using 'svn help switch' or online: